Bar Mitzva

The first in a series of short clips guiding you step by step through your Bar Mitzvah celebration at the Kotel. How to get there, what to do, how to put on Tefillin and a lot more!

Getting to the Western Wall

How to get to the Kotel on the day and what to expect Parking advice and other technical tips Wheelchair options, security information and other things worth knowing to help your day run smoothly.

The Western Wall Plaza

What is so special about the Western Wall? Why is it the holiest Jewish site in the world? A few tips on the prayer service and what to do in different weather conditions.


How are they made and whats in them? Learn how to put them on And what if someone in your family doesnt have a pair?

The Prayer Service

How the service works at the Kotel: Where to stand, taking a podium, prayer books What to do if you dont have a Minyan.

Reading from the Torah

What is the Torah and what does it represent? How to take a Torah Scroll at the Kotel Explanations how to read the Torah, Torah blessings and even when to throw your candies!


An important tip on bringing your refreshments Where to set up shop and how to get a table Plus if you want to save yourself shlepping food a list of restaurants near the Old City.

Additional Content

Looking to add extra value to your day? Special Jerusalem experiences and fascinating tours right next to the Kotel. And what about the Bar Mitzvah boy leading the tour himself?

Departing from the Western Wall

Dont leave without picking up your sons personalized certificate signed by the Rabbi of the Kotel!

Bar Mitzvah Calculator

Find out Your Torah Portion and the Hebrew date of Your Bar Mitzvah
Enter your birth date:
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Mizrahi Ron

I celebrated at the Kotel

Mizrahi Ron

Questions & Answers

From what age can a child wear tefillin?


Looking for something extra special to do after your Kotel celebration? Check it out here!

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